Episode 9

What's Up With All The Smoke: Incense in the Liturgy

In this episode of 'Intentionally Catholic,' hosts Dan Hansen and Father Ron Hutchinson delve into the significance of incense in Catholic liturgy. They discuss incense's ancient origins, its symbolic meaning of prayers rising to God, and its use in various religious rites across different faiths.

Father Ron shares insights emphasizing the sensory aspect of worship that incense enhances, highlighting its role in blessings, and addressing the mixed reactions it can evoke among parishioners.

Throughout, the conversation underscores how incense adds a tangible sense of the sacred to Catholic worship, evoking a deeper awareness of the divine and enhancing the liturgical experience.

00:00 Welcome to Intentionally Catholic: Exploring Incense in Catholic Worship

00:20 The Rich Symbolism and History of Incense in Liturgy

01:11 Understanding the Practical and Spiritual Aspects of Incense Use

04:13 The Sensory Experience of Liturgy: Engaging All Senses

06:01 The Role of Incense in Blessings and Sacramental Rites

08:20 Exploring the Liturgical Actions and Traditions Involving Incense

11:38 The Personal Journey from Protestantism to Embracing Catholic Rituals

13:48 Incense as a Glimpse of Heavenly Worship and Its Impact on Faith

22:11 Concluding Thoughts on Incense and Its Place in Liturgical Seasons

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