Episode 3

One of the Biggest Threats Facing Families Today

Intentionally Catholic hosts Dan Hansen and Father Ron Hutchinson discuss one of the biggest threats facing families today: a lack of connectedness. Everyone is busy with everything from 101 extracurricular activities to internet surfing on smart phones. Our schedules are crazy, the digital world is constantly clamoring for our attention, and family time suffers.

Your family is your vocation! And it's time to make the sacrifices necessary to live into that vocation. It's not easy. But it's something we can all do! And the time to start is now.


00:02 Introduction to the Podcast

00:16 The Threat to Families: Lack of Quality Time

02:42 The Impact of Technology on Family Time

03:05 The Importance of Family Meals and Conversations

08:57 The Role of Activities in Family Life

12:00 The Challenge of Balancing Family Time and Personal Time

19:35 The Importance of Creating Memories as a Family

21:01 Addressing the Mental Health Crisis through Family Connection

21:22 It's Never Too Late to Start Connecting as a Family

21:45 Conclusion and Invitation for Listener Feedback

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