Episode 5

Goodbye, Lent Regret: 10 Simple Ways to Get the Most Out of Lent

Have you ever reached Holy Week only to find yourself wondering how you're going to fit 40 days of Lent into the next 3 days??

Lent Regret is something we experience when we've wasted our Lent. In this episode of Intentionally Catholic, Dan Hansen talks with Father Ron Hutchinson about 10 relatively simple practices that will help you make the most of your Lenten journey. Ranging from tech fasting to giving up a favorite food or drink, these methods aim to help individuals draw closer to God and better prepare themselves for Easter.

Spiritual Reading Recommendations

Game Recommendations

Father Ron recommended playing games with your family. Here are some GREAT games that you can get into even if you think you're not a "gaming family":


00:00 Introduction and Personal Experience with Lent

00:37 Struggles with Lent and Introduction to the Guest

01:22 Understanding the Meaning of Lent

03:03 10 Simple Ways to Get the Most Out of Lent

04:48 Exploring Different Lenten Practices

05:47 The Importance of Reading and Reflecting

07:49 The Power of Prayer and Attending Mass

11:15 Eradicating Bad Habits and Spending Quality Time with Family

19:49 Adding Prayer to Daily Routine and Final Thoughts

24:05 Conclusion and Farewell

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