Episode 6

Growing in Holiness This Lent

In this episode of Intentionally Catholic, Dan Hansen and guest Father Ron Hutchinson discuss three main areas for spiritual growth during Lent: developing holiness through practicing virtue, strengthening one's relationship with God through prayer, and embracing a mission-driven life by engaging more actively in the church and community.

Practical advice is given on how to incorporate small, meaningful changes into everyday life to progress in these areas, emphasizing the impact of even the simplest acts of kindness and faith.

00:00 Introduction

01:05 Growth in Holiness and Virtue

02:09 Overcoming Bad Habits and Growing in Virtue

02:56 The Challenge of Living Virtuously in the Real World

06:32 The Importance of Prayer and Relationship with God

11:09 The Concept of Mission and Discipleship

12:26 Practical Ways to Live Out the Mission

18:45 Conclusion: The Importance of Growth in Lent

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