Episode 11

5 Barriers to Evangelization in Catholic Life

In this episode of Intentionally Catholic, hosts Dan Hansen and Father Ron Hutchinson engage in a conversation about the struggles of evangelization among Catholics. They highlight the importance of spreading the gospel as directed by Jesus and discuss five main obstacles that hinder Catholics from evangelizing more effectively. These obstacles include the lack of a vibrant personal relationship with Christ, feeling inadequate about one's knowledge of the faith, reluctance to impose one's religion on others, the misconception that evangelization is solely the clergy's responsibility, and the belief in universal salvation rendering evangelization pointless.

Through anecdotes and theological insights, they encourage listeners to strengthen their personal relationship with Jesus and share their faith with others, emphasizing that evangelization is a shared responsibility of all baptized Catholics, not just the clergy. The conversation aims to inspire Catholics to engage more actively in evangelization by recognizing and overcoming these barriers.


00:00 Welcome to Intentionally Catholic: Embracing Evangelization

00:52 The Struggle with Evangelization: A Personal Anecdote

04:34 Exploring the Reasons Behind the Evangelization Challenge

10:03 Addressing Common Misconceptions About Evangelization

17:18 The Universal Call to Evangelize: It's Not Just for Priests

23:28 Confronting the Myth of Universal Salvation

31:06 Wrapping Up: The Importance of Evangelization

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