Episode 12

Raising Lifelong Catholics, Part One

In this episode of 'Intentionally Catholic,' hosts Dan Hansen and Father Ron Hutchinson delve into the pressing issue of evangelization within the family, emphasizing the importance of raising children who remain steadfast in their Catholic faith.

Amid concerns over a survey indicating only 15% of Catholic children maintain their faith into adulthood, they discuss practical strategies for Catholic parents. These include leading by example, integrating faith into daily life, and actively engaging in religious traditions and education.

They stress the importance of attending Mass, participating in parish life, demonstrating the relevance of faith through personal example, and fostering an environment where faith is openly discussed and practiced within the family. The conversation highlights the challenges and rewards of imparting a living, dynamic faith to the next generation, encouraging listener participation and sharing personal experiences and insights on nurturing faith-filled homes.

00:00 Welcome to Intentionally Catholic: The Joy of Living Your Faith

00:21 The Heart of Evangelization: Starting at Home

00:58 Engaging the Next Generation: Strategies for Keeping Kids Catholic

02:22 Leading by Example: The Power of Authentic Faith

10:10 The Importance of Faith in Family Life

11:40 Fearless Leadership in Faith: Guiding Your Family to Heaven

18:51 Reflections and Closing Thoughts: The Journey Continues

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