Episode 13

Raising Lifelong Catholics, Part Two

In this episode of 'Intentionally Catholic,' hosts Dan Hansen and Father Ron Hutchinson continue their discussion on how to nurture and maintain the Catholic faith within families, specifically focusing on keeping kids engaged with their faith.

Reflecting on alarming statistics showing only 15% of Catholic kids stay with their faith, they explore practical strategies for evangelizing at home. Topics include the importance of authoritative parenting, setting clear expectations for participation in faith practices, and confronting the challenges of discipline and setting rules around religious observance.

They discuss the power of involving children in church activities, such as altar serving, to deepen their engagement and understanding of their faith. The conversation also covers creating an environment where faith is a source of warmth and where questions and doubts can be openly discussed. The episode emphasizes that evangelization starts with a foundation of love and the importance of living out one’s faith genuinely and intentionally in front of one’s children.

00:00 Welcome to Intentionally Catholic: Keeping Kids Catholic

00:16 Continuing the Conversation: Evangelizing at Home

01:31 The Importance of Authoritative Parenting in Faith

03:45 Navigating Challenges: When Kids Resist Faith Practices

06:04 Discipline and Love: Balancing Authority and Affection

11:16 Engaging Kids in Faith Through Action and Service

18:45 Evangelization at Home: Love, Questions, and Surrender

25:03 Concluding Thoughts and Invitation for Feedback

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